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Sugar Gliders as Pets-Exotic And Beautiful Pets to Love

Sugar Gliders As Pets Are Relatively New To The USA Sugar Gliders as pets are marsupial mammals and the females carry their babies in a pouch. Even though they look similar to a flying squirrel, they are not rodents and are in no way related to them. Sugar Gliders are…

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Hermit Crabs As Pets – An Unusual But Affectionate And Entertaining Pet

Hermit Crabs As Pets – An Unusual But Affectionate Pet Hermit crabs as pets are fun to watch and will keep your family entertained and laughing.  They are social creatures and often travel in packs up to 100 at a time, so please provide your crab with companions.  If you…

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Keeping Outdoor Cats Warm – Don’t Let Harsh Winter Conditions Harm Your Cats

Keeping Outdoor Cats Warm Brings Peace of Mind to Cat Lovers Keeping Outdoor Cats Warm in winter is a top priority for cat lovers that own or care for outdoor cats. It provides peace of mind knowing that you have done everything possible to make sure your cats are going…

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